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Chauffeur Service Plus

As an experienced and qualified UK Police Response Driver I have a level of driving ability that includes constant risk analysis of the road ahead and behind, taking the best evasive action where required, but more importantly arriving safely with myself and my passengers in good condition to carry out their role.

This service is geared towards executives looking for that extra level of personal security with a chauffeur in the knowledge they are in safe hands and will arrive at their destination without incident or delay. 

Our Chauffeur also has a high level of situational awareness, self-defence training, and de-escalation skills if confronted, and will also accompany the executive to any location on foot, ensuring they arrive in good condition by avoiding any adverse situations.

This is particularly useful for foreign executives or tourists who may be unfamiliar with the location and nervous travelling alone.

This is not a Bodyguard role or Close Protection Service, but an extra level of service to provide additional peace-of-mind by avoiding situations.

Use this service for:

  • Foreign or Home Executives

  • Loved Ones

  • Witnesses for Court Appearances

  • Vulnerable Persons

  • Tourists looking for safe travel options

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